Huruuse group of companies are diversified group of companies from general trade, hospitality industries to real estate construction and hotel services, live stock trade and shipping, farming and dairy products.

These group of companies have been the brainchild of its founder Haji Huruuse Haji Mohamed who established the company in 1960s in a modest start of livestock export business from Bari region to countries in the Middle East. This modest start of this venture with continued hard work and leadership of its founder throughout the years led to the establishment of brand Huruuse and expansion of the business to reach the level it is today.

Operating from Puntland state of Somalia which is safe part of Somalia since the collapse of the state institutions of the country in early 1990s, our business has expanded to operate throughout Somalia by exporting our livestock trade from all ports of Somalia. We can deliver large livestock order as well as small order in fairly short space of time.

Trust and honest trading has been the forefront of the ethics of our company through the years which propelled the brand Huruuse top of the trustworthy businesses around in Somalia.

Our companies’ trading practices are based on Islamic principals of fairness, trust, justice, ethics, values and norms of behaviour that govern our personal, professional and business dealings at all times. We don’t practice riba or interest on financial loans and commercial loans etc.  

Our diversified field of business


To be the best trading Company giving its customers find general commodities/goods in various products and services provided by our businesses. Also provide luxury apartments, hotels and accommodation at affordable prices through an interconnected, efficient and integrated management system based on our Islamic principles throughout Puntland and in Somalia in general.


We exist to provide honest trading, fairness, cost effective,  efficient and reliable access to modern products ranging from basic goods to construction materials, luxury hotels and provide specialised services to top-level clients in a way that maximizes their satisfaction whilst optimizing at same time our returns in fairway.