Livestock Trading

Livestock Trading

Live stock trading

We export livestock to the world and have established throughout the years a track record of delivering best, health, quality livestock to our consumers and trade partners. Our livestock is largely exported to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain etc.

We have large network of sourcing best livestock throughout Somalia where our appointed livestock specialists roam the fields and pick the best animals for our livestock trade.

Our company has partnered with others in the business to build large livestock trade projects in Somalia including but not limited to the largest livestock quarantine centre in Somalia that is Bosaso National Animal Quarantine and holding ground located outside Bosaso city.

The National Animal Quarantine  project has been implemented by Huruuse Construction Company and without our involvement the project would not have been completed and realised. We are thankful for our partners in this project to cohesively work with us during the construction and implementation of the project. The impact of this venture for the local economy has been instant and it created modern working environment for animal welfare and exportation system.

Our livestock control centres, are the main control centres where the livestock is tested, weighed, checked for any health issues, vaccinated the animals before departing to their destinations and our trade partners in the Gulf and other countries in the region.