Property Development

Property Development

Property Building and Construction

Our Construction business has built best buildings in Puntland state of Somalia.  Our buildings are in main urban cities in Puntland  particularly in Bosaso city. We have other buildings and properties in other parts of Somalia as well.

One of our main buildings in Bosaso city  is located in Rowda Road in the city. The Huruuse 3 building is modern building located in Rowda road in Bosaso and it consists of office apartments that house large corporations and organizations as their offices, other companies as well. The property is well maintained and safe and secure at all times.

Huruuse Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Puntland and is part of our portfolio of properties that lit up the Bosaso highrise buildings.

We have Huruse Fresh dairy property that houses our farming section of the business. This facility has been built by Huruuse Construction company to produce fresh milk of both camel and cow milk for daily consumption in Bosaso city.

The facility is modern and fully fitted with veterinary equipments operated by qualified veterinary doctors to maintain good health of the animals and produce health milk and diary products for our consumers in the city.

We use best construction practices,  materials, best engineers work for us to deliver high quality property buildings and facilities that satisfy our clients greatly.


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