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A woman’s two dogs were filmed running to the window of their home when the binman arrived, and waited eagerly for him to give them their treats through the window

Every once in a while, a kind-hearted person does something which melts your heart and restores your faith in humanity just a little bit.

That’s the case with one cheerful binman, who pays a visit to the home of one couple every week during his rounds to both clear away their rubbish and give their two Vizsla dogs some treats.

And now, the two pooches can’t contain their excitement whenever they see the bin lorry pull up to their house.

A video of the sweet interaction was posted on the TikTok account Vizsla Ralph, and showed the dogs running to the window when they heard the lorry.

The dogs couldn’t stop wagging their tails as they waited for their treats – but when the binman walked away from the window, the pooches looked visibly upset.

However, the man was soon back again after emptying the bins, and dropped two treats through the open window for the dogs to enjoy.

Captioning the video, the couple wrote: “The boys honestly thought the binmen had forgotten about them today. Look how Bruno’s tail stops wagging when he realises.”

The video has racked up a whopping 1.6 million views, with over 1,000 comments from people gushing over the heartwarming interaction.

One person wrote: “This just proves that deep down, people are generally good.”

And a second said: “Love this! We all need a man like him. I hope he knows just how much people on your TikTok like him for this.”

While another posted: “This gives me hope in humanity. Thank you for sharing!”

Other people shared their own stories of dogs interacting with friendly binmen.

Another person said: “Last week our waste disposal worker took a vacation … my dogs cried in the driveway.”

And others revealed they do the same thing in their own jobs, as one wrote: “I’m a postie and I’m gonna buy dog treats now.”

While someone else posted: “We don’t even have a dog, but I have to buy dog biscuits for my husband to give to his little dog friends that he has made on his round.”